Domino Writing

I have been a tabletop gamer for about 25 years, mostly with pen-and-paper role playing games. 
Like most gamers, I've written my share of original and not-so-original material. I'll put some of it here.

If you try a game out and like it, or have ideas for me, please let me know!

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

The original Microlite 20 Purest Essence rules can be found on the Microlite forums. I use the Purest Essence, Psionics, and Star Wars rules found there. I've added to those rules with these:

Microlite 20 Fantasy Expansion: Character Creation Options (PDF format)

Microlite 20 Fantasy Expansion: The Big Book Of Races & Classes (PDF format)

Microlite 20 Fantasy Character Sheet (PDF format)

Microlite 20 Modern-Day (PDF format)

Microlite 20 Modern-Day Character Sheet (PDF format)

Microlite 20 Costumes (PDF format)

Microlite 20 Mecha Revised (PDF format)

If you're a brand-new fantasy gamer looking to get your start with Microlite 20, you'll find a Microlite 20 Rules Guide character sheet (PDF format) right here. The rules you need to play the game are right there on the sheet. The Rules Guide comes complete with four starter characters - just give them a name and start rolling those dice!

A skill in any other system will find a home in Microlite 20 with this handy Microlite 20 Skills Guide (PDF format).

I've also converted the Fourth Edition of World's Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game (I don't know if that's trademarked, but it should be) in Microlite 20 4e (PDF format)

The creator of Microlite 20, Greywulf, also created Ultramicrolite 20. I revised it to Ultramicrolite 20 Revised (PDF format).

An even "rules lighter" game is Searchers of the Unknown, with almost as many variants and additions as Microlite 20. I contributed Supers of the Unknown (PDF format), using the Microlite 20 Costumes rules.

Find RPG statistics for the biggest and best fictional characters without having to do any of the work.
RPG Character A Week

My blog brings your favorite heroes and villains into the worlds of Microlite 20, Risus and Dungeons & Dragons. 
Want to get someone into role playing?
Find their favorite hero on RPG Character A Week, and get ready to roll some dice!

Risus: The Anything RPG

The rules-light game that inspired nearly all the rest. Learn more at Risusverse and the original site.

Convert your favorite RPG (even non-fantasy ones) to Risus to get playing instantly with Dungeon Crawl: Risus (PDF format).

Other RPGs
For rules-light yet comprehensive fun, try Adventure Squad Core (PDF format)a generic, fantasy/modern/sci-fi adaptation of the great, simple RPG Dungeon Squad.
The rules also include a list of spells and talents for characters, Adventure Squad Abilities (PDF format), and classic character types in Adventure Squad format, Adventure Squad Templates (PDF format).
It includes a character sheet, and the full rules are complete in less than 25 pages. Adventure Squad has all the rules and abilities you'll need for any kind of adventuring hero.

Dungeons & Dragons 4e logo

I've even added a few things to the massive pile of online stuff for the World's Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game (4th Edition). Here's a guide for absolute beginners (Word format) and PDF format they can use right alongside their character sheets.

The "Essentials" edition of 4E is... not very helpful to new players, in my opinion. A brand-new gamer needs to know which die to roll and when, not get smacked in the face with a list of abilities that don't match anyone else's at the table. Plus, Essentials is 4.5th edition - you know it and I know it. Here's what Essentials should have been: starter character sheets for the "Keep On The Shadowfell" heroes. All are in Word format: Dragonborn Paladin, Dwarf Fighter, Elf Ranger, Half-Elf Cleric, Halfling Rogue, Human Wizard.

Warrior, Rogue & Mage

This rules light role playing game seems to have almost as many fans as all the old school games trying to recreate that 1977-ish feel of D&D. I like how quick it is to play, though it's a little "unbalanced" (read: too easy to min-max). So, I've added my own rules for Warrior, Rogue & Mage - Domino Writing style (PDF format).

4C RPG logo

Here's a character sheet (Word format) for the 4C game system. It's a great free game based on an old classic but there's no character sheet included with the book. Until now.

I also have a black and white version of the Master Table (PDF format), to make it easier to photocopy without using up precious color ink. Every player should probably have their own copy, or at least easy access to one.

Uncle Bear's manifesto

Another great simple RPG from days gone by is Bad Attitudes, by Uncle Bear. 
I updated and improved it into Explosions & Escapes (Word format), complete with character sheet.

Fantastic Adventures

I'm more and more interested in simple RPGs as I find myself with less free time, and fewer experienced roleplayers around me. I want something with all the classic tropes but very simple, straightforward rules and few materials - the kind of game that can be played with young kids or even during a lunch break at work. Kameron Franklin's Fantastic Adventures is just such a game. I added a
player's guide (Word format) and more than a dozen characters to the game, hopefully without making it any more complex.

Other Great Games

Very Simple Generic Miniatures Rules (PDF format) offers exactly what it says. Grab a bunch of army men and terrain pieces, roll a six-sided die, and go. Forget codexes and clicky bases and all that. There's a Yahoo Group for this game, too!

Insta-Skirmish (PDF format) is even simpler than VSGMR, and a good use for a chessboard.

Here's a solitaire RPG for the 40K player in you who doesn't want to pull out all the miniatures and terrain:
Mutant Hunter
- character sheet and adventure sheet (Word format)A fan posted a fantasy variant of Mutant Hunter: Assassin (Word format).

The Dark Crystal RPG

The Dark Crystal Role Playing Game (PDF format): I'm a fan of the classic film and its related media. This isn't the only RPG based on the movie, but it's probably the quickest to play.

The Plastic Attack (PDF format) rules and a deck of cards give you the only reason you'll ever need to collect action figures. Vittorio De Santis translated it into Italian here.

Confrontation (PDF format) takes the legendary game of chess and makes it into a simple fantasy war game. All you need is a standard chess set, a few markers (poker chips work well), and a six-sided die. Bring elves, orcs, fireballs and even terrain effects to the game of kings and queens!

All you need for Monsters Menace Monopoly is a copy of the World's Most Popular Board Game (I don't know if that's trademarked, either). Tired of spending hours going around and around the board buying and selling properties? Why not spend some time going around the board throwing houses and hotels at the other players, and stomping on Boardwalk? These are links for the Monsters Menace Monopoly (PDF format) rules, the monster information sheets (PDF format), and player tokens (PDF format) which you can print and cut out.